We bring you the most dependable, stunning, flattering, tougher-than-your-toughest-wipeout surfwear.

For ladysliders of all shapes, sizes, and surf abilities.


In Bali?

Request a Private Fitting

Shopping decisions are so much easier when you can touch and feel the goods...

If you are in Bali, we can deliver the styles and sizes you want to your villa, hotel, or surf camp. 

Try suits on in private (or with your girlfriends), feel the fabric, compare styles, and figure out what works best for your body and surfing.

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We want you to have quality surf gear that you love and will use for years -- decreasing the amount of consumption-related waste pollution.

We prioritize the environment -- our oceans, in particular -- in everything we do.

A portion of our profits go directly to efforts to help reduce plastic consumption in local communities, and to empower local kids to become champions for the planet.

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