Dewi Surf Supply was founded by a passionate surfer, feminist, and environmentalist. 

Like most ladysliders, we found it stupidly difficult to find quality surfwear that works well in the waves, suits our diverse-but-equally-beautiful bodies, and aligns with our values.

After mucho trial and error, we discovered a whole world of beautiful and functional performance surfwear for women.  We got really excited and wanted to share this with other ladysliders. 

In short, our hope is that we can rescue you from hours and hours of research, from the agony of bad purchasing mistakes, and save you the embarrassment of ocean wardrobe malfunctions.  We want you to just feel comfortable, powerful, and protected in the ocean... so you can just have fun!


In the process of sharing and supporting fabulous gear, we welcome surfers and surf-lovers of all genders to come together, to learn and teach the art of surfing, and to connect with and support each other.  We also address head-on the lingering forces that can make the lineup (or the boardroom) difficult for women to navigate.

Our other imperative is to advocate for the environment that brings us this great sport/pasttime/spiritual practice/exercise/fun/therapy.  Our every decision is made by imagining the earth has a seat at the table, in hopes of minimizing harm and maximizing conservation and awareness.

The word "dewi" means "goddess" in Indonesian and other Sanskrit-influenced languages.  Too often, life keeps us from simply marveling at how transcendent and magical it is that we are women who dance and play on water.  We hope to ease some of that earthly baggage so you can feel like a goddess in the water... which we promise will make you feel like more of a badass out of the water.