Are you in Bali? 

  • Have you just discovered surfing and, like us, realized that (a) it is the funnest thing ever, and (b) you need some surfwear that will not leave you naked in the whitewash?  
  • Or have you been surfing for years but want a surf wardrobe or gear update?
  • Would you rather touch, feel, and try on clothes before buying them online?
  • Do you hate traffic or shopping for swimsuits in public?  Or just want something fun and easy to do with your surfer girlfriends (and maybe some wine)?

We have been there, and totally get it.  We also have a solution... let us come to you!  There are two ways to arrange for a private fitting:

  1. Shop on our online store, and, when adding items to your cart, check "I am in Bali and would like a Private Fitting."  After check-out, you'll receive an email from us to schedule a private fitting.  That email will also ask you what styles, sizes, colors, etc. you are interested in to make sure we bring you options that you will love.
  2. No need to shop or buy anything, fill out the form below, let us know a little bit about yourselves, when you will be in Bali, what styles, sizes, and colors you are looking for, and we will get right back to you!
  3. For either option above, we will get back to you within 24 hours to set up your private fitting!

Here are some more details:

  • We can accommodate up to four people per private fitting.
  • You can choose up to 12 items that you would like to try on in 2 different sizes.
  • We will let you know if we have run out of a particular item and suggest a replacement.
  • We will schedule each fitting to last up to 2 hours.
  • Unfortunately, this service is only available in Bali.  If you aren't in Bali, though, you can still use the contact form to get in touch with us if you have any questions about sizing, fit, fabric, surf-worthiness of a particular swimsuit, etc.

Our private fittings are an easy, fun way to spend some quality time with your girlfriends (or your kids if you can't get a babysitter) while stocking up on surfwear that you know fits well, looks good on you, and can be trusted in the surf.  

Get in touch using the form below and we hope to see you very soon!