Follow these steps to elongate the life of your gorgeous new surfwear by maintaining elasticity, stitch & seam integrity and strength, and color brightness:

  • Handwash
  • Use cold to lukewarm water
  • Only use a mild detergent (if any), we recommend using a natural, non-chemical, mild body wash just on the crotch area if you are concerned about hygiene
  • Dry inside out, in the shade
  • DO NOT machine wash
  • DO NOT bleach
  • DO NOT put in the dryer
  • DO NOT wring the life out of your suit
  • Keep away from oil-based lotions and tinted sunblocks

You may want to do a deeper clean once in a while (because, e.g., you’re surfing in really dirty water or you cut yourself and accidentally bled all over your new ivory suit).  In which case, go ahead and use warmer water, a stronger soap, but keep those episodes few and far between!