Water Texture Leggings

$69 USD
I am in Bali and would like a Private Fitting

How absolutely stoked are you to be a waterwoman?  Let your surfwear let everyone know you're aquaman's female counterpart and damn proud of it.

These leggings are flattering and comfortable, will keep you safe from reef and jellyfish, and MOST IMPORTANTLY if you surf or SUP, provide UPF 50+ protection.  This means the leggings protect your skin from wrinkles, freckles, and cancer, without needing slippery, reef-damaging lotions.  

These high-quality leggings fit just above the hip, allowing them to not bunch around your waist but utilize the natural widening of your hips and butts to stay put.  Designed for use by active ladies, the four-way stretch fabric allows for maximum flexibility and does not fade/wear down to see-through.  The colors don't fade and the material dries quickly, so you can enjoy and wash these leggings for years to come. 

Local-ish leggings fit true to American sizes, so ladies who are on the petite side or plan on using these for surfing should consider ordering a size down!

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