Malibu One Piece

$146 USD
I am in Bali and would like a Private Fitting

Is it a one piece or a bikini?  Does it belong in the surf or on the runway?  We don't care, we just know that we freaking love this suit.

The Malibu is unbelievably flattering on the vast majority of women -- enunciating the curves you want yet minimizing those you don't, revealing yet sophisticated, modern yet timeless.  How?  We honestly don't fully know.  The feminine delicate straps in the back, fitted with a quality clasp, and modest high-waisted-inspired bottom cut evoke old school elegance.  The mesh around the neckline adds a hint of risque, while the side cut outs emphasize the smallest part of your waist, adding curves and subtle sex appeal.

To top it all off, the Malibu is your best friend in the surf.  When you have it on in the right size (slightly tight), the full-coverage, high-waisted bottoms, high mesh neckline, and secure back clasp work together to keep you covered in even the biggest surf -- well, at least the bits that matter.

 The Malibu fits true to size, and is made of UPF 50+ recycled fishing net materials.  Double-lined, durable, beautiful... what's not to love?

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