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Erika Top

$49 USD
I am in Bali and would like a Private Fitting

The Erika is a serious bikini top for a serious surfer.

The keyholes in the front and back add a modern sensuality to the sporty crop top.  They are also functional, meant to direct water through instead of grab the fabric off of you, thus preventing embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Above all, the Erika’s double-lining, full coverage, seamed bands of fabric through the shoulders and back, and adjustable straps mean that the Erika simply DOES. NOT. BUDGE.  As a result, the Erika will help you push your limits by getting you through any surf situation with the confidence of a badass.

The Erika is made with UPF 50+ fabric constructed of recycled fishing nets.  It fits true to size and is adjustable, so our better-endowed sisters can safely order a size up. 

Matchy match the Erika with the Daniela or Laura Bottoms... or pair it perfectly with pretty much any top!

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