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Laura Bottoms

$49 USD
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Slightly more revealing than Surf Simply's Daniela bottoms, the Laura is your sexier little black dress -- the one you reach for to go on a hot date.

The Laura's genius lies in the deceptive simplicity of its OCD design details.  The Laura is mostly cut straight across the top and the back, which allows the drawstring to effectively cinch however tightly you want, without compromising the shape of the suit.  The cut across the bum is slightly cheeky and yet is somehow wedgie-proof and has a lifting effect on pretty much any butt.  The Laura's substantial bands of fabric around the sides and double-lining prevent any slipping and or tearing, no matter how gnarly the waves. 

The Laura is wider between the legs than most other bikini bottoms, which is important -- crotch-coverage is not something you should ever compromise on (sunburn really hurts there!).

The Lauras are made with a UPF 50+ recycled fishing net fabric that is durable and maintains its stretch and integrity for years.  The Laura fits true to size, and is adjustable, so if you want more coverage or have wider hips or booty circumference, you can safely size up.

To be super matchy matchy, pair the Lauras with the Erika top or Marine top, but it is truly a surf wear staple and looks great with any top! 

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