Bondi Alchemist

TBA High-Waisted Bottoms - Ribbed

$45 USD
Color: Khaki Ribbed
I am in Bali and would like a Private Fitting

Sexy, with modern cutouts, the TBA retro-inspired high-waisted bottoms look good on everybody and perform phenomenally no matter the size of your board or the waves you ride.

These bottoms have a tighter waistband, which look and fit best when worn around the narrowest part of your waist.  The Bondi Alchemist trademark cut-outs in the front and back prevent water from pooling in the butt area, and allow water to flow through without dragging the bottoms off.  

The TBA High-Waisted Bottoms - Ribbed are super comfy, and stretch where you need them without getting stretched out. These bottoms fit true to Australian and US sizes -- if you are more petite and want to wear these bottoms in big surf, you may want to consider sizing down (especially in the ribbed material). 

The TBA High-Waisted Bottoms - Ribbed are completely lined, made of high quality recycled fishing nets.  Pair them with the TBA Surf Triangle Top - Ribbed or any other favorite top/T-shirt for instant effortless style and complete confidence in the surf.

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